I’m Worth It!


This morning it hit me how I can bring myself down to a point where I absolutely hate myself. I wish I could stop doing that, I would spend hours thinking about things that don’t matter, and I have no proof of. I promise you I say and think “What If” about 500 time a day.

I’m really freaking out about so so many things right now. I wish stressing burned calories.. Id be super thin in no time! Only time that my mind is really quiet is when I’m jogging or busy with a work out or work. But then Reality hits and I start panicking .

Reality to me right now is..

  • I’m writing my final exams in less than a month
  • I’m going away from home for 8 weeks for those exams
  • The guy I like is ignoring me and I don’t know why
  • I have to take control of a really big situation
  • I need a million hugs
  • I need someone to just hold me and tell me that I’m going to be okay
  • I need someone to see that i’m struggling
  • I need freedom
  • I need some time to myself to clear my mind

If I could be left alone right now for just a few days I can change my life in a MASSIVE way. I need time and I need people to just leave me alone for a little while, and at the same time I need someone to just step in and help me with life.

I’m worth it! I get up every morning and say this is a new day and I’m going to do my absolute best. Yes 90% of the time I will fail. But I try. And trying has made me 12kg’s lighter and a lot fitter.

When I started out…I couldn’t do one push up. I can now easily do 20 or more. That’s Progress! My wish for the last 4 months of 2016 is to lose the last 20kg’s and become fit. So that next year I can take part in all the things I’ve always wanted.

This morning it hit me that I’m still young. I need to get my body right so I can start moving and living. My prayer for 2017 is to have a freakin awesome, adventure filled year. and I know I’ll have one. But first …. I need change!




The Craziness

Today was one of those day where by 12pm I wished my day was over. Great start to my morning with quick workout a super yummy breakfast

  • 1 banana & 1 apple cut into pieces with some drinking yogurt.
  • 400ml Green Tea

and then off to study and the usual morning craziness.

This afternoon at lunch I had some beans, sweet potato and butternut! After that yet another 400ml of green tea and then back to two hours of non stop studying. 4pm came and I jumped up from my desk. Finally my two hour break arrived!! Fell on my bed and stayed there with my awesome cat for like 30 min then my brother came in and ask if we’re not walking today. I lifted this tired body of the bed and said yes, grab your shoes! My brother is four years younger than me but like 30cm taller. Feels so weird. We went for an awesome 1.5km walk again this time with speed increased a bit.

I absolutely love the feeling after a walk. It’s the only time during the day I go outside and all that fresh air is just so amazing. I’m lucky enough to live in a small town. So there’s no traffic and everyone knows everyone. It’s kind of awkward at the same time, because here you go sweating and all red in the face and then your crush would drive by… people that’s just embarrassing on so many levels.Think Is should get me shades and a hat… ??

Right now I’m sitting on my bed trying to decide what on earth will be for supper. I’m super hungry… really not listening to my coach.. Just been so busy.I find it really hard to make sure I eat when I’m hungry. I get so busy. and it’s a really bad habit. It’s super unhealthy to starve yourself.

Well with that said I’m off to the kitchen to go fry me some tomato and mushrooms !

See Ya Later!

Because I’m Worth It


When I think about three months from now I get ¬†INCREDIBLY ¬†excited!! I can’t wait to see me then. It’s all so exciting! Well my day one of reboot went okay for day 1. I ate a piece of Biltong… felt so freakin guilty but hey.. I’m just human and tomorrow is a new day to set things right. Plus I so worked my ass off after eating that piece of meat. I went for my first walk in 4 months. Did 1.5km in 12 minutes without stopping to take a break. Really proud of how far i’ve come.

So today I got the amazing surprise of seeing 80.6kgs on the scale! Such amazing news!! That’s 12kgs DOWN and GONE forever since January 2016! Now people thats exciting stuff.

I’m only allowed to weight myself again in two weeks. So I’m going to work sooo super hard to be in the 70’s when I get back on that scale. My goal Weight is 60Kg’s. And Im so close now.

All it takes is hard work and a lot of dedication.

And of course some awesome goals!

What are some of your goals when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and why do you want to lose weight?

The Starting Point

crossfit abs in the kitchen

I would even stretch this and say its almost 100% diet. What we fuel our bodies with is so important. I started a Detox today. It’s basically just eating fruit and veg for 5 days. This morning I was having Apple -Banana cut into pieces with some plain yogurt. While having my breakfast I got so annoyed by how long it’s taking me to finish eating. It then hit me how easy and fast we try and do everything, how we just allow society to come with it’s instant breakfasts and pollute our minds and mainly our bodies with all those preservatives and sugar.

Before Starting my journey I did so much research on what to eat and how to eat so I don’t starve myself or hurt my body in any other way. And today I feel like a nutritionist. But to me it’s really important to eat, and to eat enough! No Starving myself allowed here.

I really hated the fact that all the programs were so so expensive, I mean I cant afford it and sometimes the eating plan is so expensive you can even afford the snack. So I did a bit of research, spoke with some coaches and worked out my own eating plan.

I would love to help you out with your diet plans if you’re struggling.

To everyone on the same journey LOVE YOURSELF and eat!