The Starting Point

crossfit abs in the kitchen

I would even stretch this and say its almost 100% diet. What we fuel our bodies with is so important. I started a Detox today. It’s basically just eating fruit and veg for 5 days. This morning I was having Apple -Banana cut into pieces with some plain yogurt. While having my breakfast I got so annoyed by how long it’s taking me to finish eating. It then hit me how easy and fast we try and do everything, how we just allow society to come with it’s instant breakfasts and pollute our minds and mainly our bodies with all those preservatives and sugar.

Before Starting my journey I did so much research on what to eat and how to eat so I don’t starve myself or hurt my body in any other way. And today I feel like a nutritionist. But to me it’s really important to eat, and to eat enough! No Starving myself allowed here.

I really hated the fact that all the programs were so so expensive, I mean I cant afford it and sometimes the eating plan is so expensive you can even afford the snack. So I did a bit of research, spoke with some coaches and worked out my own eating plan.

I would love to help you out with your diet plans if you’re struggling.

To everyone on the same journey LOVE YOURSELF and eat!





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