Because I’m Worth It


When I think about three months from now I get  INCREDIBLY  excited!! I can’t wait to see me then. It’s all so exciting! Well my day one of reboot went okay for day 1. I ate a piece of Biltong… felt so freakin guilty but hey.. I’m just human and tomorrow is a new day to set things right. Plus I so worked my ass off after eating that piece of meat. I went for my first walk in 4 months. Did 1.5km in 12 minutes without stopping to take a break. Really proud of how far i’ve come.

So today I got the amazing surprise of seeing 80.6kgs on the scale! Such amazing news!! That’s 12kgs DOWN and GONE forever since January 2016! Now people thats exciting stuff.

I’m only allowed to weight myself again in two weeks. So I’m going to work sooo super hard to be in the 70’s when I get back on that scale. My goal Weight is 60Kg’s. And Im so close now.

All it takes is hard work and a lot of dedication.

And of course some awesome goals!

What are some of your goals when it comes to a healthy lifestyle and why do you want to lose weight?


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